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Client-side field validation

Do not rely exclusively on client-side validation!

It is trivial to bypass browser-based form validation for experienced web developers.
In-browser validation should be used only to give visitors fast feedback.
Always use server-side validation as the primary way to check user input.

Adding custom validation rules is pretty common.
In Hyvä-Checkout, both client-side JavaScript validation can be used (via the Hyvä validation library), or server-side Magewire-based validation.

This document is about client side validation.

Setting JavaScript validation rules on a field can be done with the method setValidationRule.
Here are some examples of how it can be used

$myField->setValidationRule('maxlength', 10); // data-validate='{"maxlength": 10}'
$myField->setValidationRule('required');      // data-validate='{"required": true, "maxlength": 10}'

Adding a custom validation rule

To declare a custom JS validation rule, set it on the field like above, and then render a template on the checkout to add the custom rule.

Set the rule on the field


Render the template for the rule

In a hyva_checkout_index_index.xml layout file, add:

<referenceContainer name="before.body.end">
    <block name="my-js-validation-rule" template="Hyva_Example::my-validation-rule.phtml"/>

Add the rule logic

And then declare the rule in the template. For example:

    (() => {
        if (hyva && hyva.formValidation) {
          const isPrime = n => {
            if (n <= 1) return false;
            for (let i = 2; i < Math.sqrt(n), i++) {
              if (n % i === 0) return false
            return true;

            hyva.formValidation.addRule('example', (value, options, field, context) => {
                const el = field.element;
                if (options && el.value.length && context.fields.country_id) {
                    const country = context.fields.country_id.element.value
                    if (country === 'DE' && ! isPrime(parseInt(el.value))) {
                        return '<?= $escaper->escapeJs(__('Please enter a prime number.')) ?>'
                return true;