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Can I join the Hyvä Checkout Beta?

Would you like to join the list of Beta participants?
Existing Hyvä customers and service integrators can contact us in Slack or email

Prior knowledge

This document assumes you are familiar with the following aspects of Magento development

  • Layout XML and *.phtml template files
  • Block classes
  • PHP ViewModels
  • It also assumes you are somewhat familiar with Magewire.

For installation instructions and system requirements please refer to the Hyvä Checkout Introduction.

This documentation currently covers the Hyvä Checkout Beta API

We might be make backward incompatible changes before the initial release (this is a beta after all).
That said, we will not break backwards compatibility lightly.

Only if we consider the change very important we will do so and we will communicate such changes as clearly as possible to all participants of the beta program.


The Hyvä Checkout consists of two modules:

  • hyva-themes/checkout-core
  • hyva-themes/checkout-default

The checkout-default depends on checkout-core.

A future Luma-compatible version of the Hyvä Checkout will use the same checkout-core, but will consist of a different module than checkout-default.

Customized checkouts created by developers will extend from checkout-default.