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Adobe Sensei - Hyvä Theme - Upgrading to 1.0.3

Release 1.0.3 includes minor feature enhancements and bug fixes only.

Notable news

  • Duplicate add to cart events are no longer triggered, resolving data tracking inconsistencies
  • Add to cart events on now fire correctly across all supported page types

    • Previously these were only fired on category, CMS and product detail pages
    • This can also be added to any other custom page/route easily by adding the below layout instructions:

      <block name="dataservices_add_to_cart"
  • All output across all modules is suppressed when no API keys are present, resolving console errors

    • Note: this enhancement is not present in Luma
  • The Live Search PLP Widget output is suppressed, regardless of whether enabled, given it is not supported in Hyvä
    • This stops console errors from occurring
    • It also includes the removal of previously included layout XML files
    • If you have previously extended the live search compatibility module to add this functionality in your own project, you will need to override the suppression added with this release as part of your implementation
  • Adding multiple recommendation units (blocks) to the same page via Page Builder now outputs each unit correctly
    • Previously, the first units output was duplicated across all units. For more information
  • Storefront events and event collector SDKs have been updated to the latest versions


The changelog is available here.


Please refer to the Hyvä Enterprise upgrade docs for helpful information on how to upgrade.

Known Issues

Please check the GitLab issue tracker for known issues.