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Using Tailwind Classes in CMS Content


The easiest way to use Tailwind classes in CMS content is to install the CMS Tailwind JIT module. Please refer to the README file for more information.

Using Tailwind classes in CSS content requires the classes to be present in the compiled styles.css file.
Out of the box, only classes will work that also happen to be used in some frontend template file that is included in the Tailwind purge content configuration.

Automatic inline styles for Tailwind classes in CMS content

We provide a module to automatically generate the styles for Tailwind classes used in CMS content and render them as inline styles next to the CMS content.
For this you need the CMS Tailwind JIT module.

Both PageBuilder and WYSIWYG CMS content is supported.

The CMS Tailwind-JIT module is not installed by default.
Please refer to the module readme for further information.

If you choose to not use the CMS Tailwind JIT module for some reason, please refer to this page for strategies on how to be able to work with Tailwind classes in CMS content without browser styles compilation.