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Early Access

What is Early Access?

Early Access is your chance to be an early adopter of the new Hyvä Enterprise product.

You get a suite of modules (distributed via composer metapackages) that have already passed beta testing, are being used on live stores and support the most popular B2B features and Sensei functionalities, with many base Commerce features already partially/fully supported, or coming soon.

There is no need to wait to get familiar with our product, and you can share feedback and report issues that will help us shape our product offering and prioritise the features you, or your merchants, need.

Compatibility status

You can keep up to date on the status for all our Hyvä Enterprise offerings during Early Access via our weekly updates in the #hyva-enterprise Slack channel, our feature matrix (for a high level overview), or, on our module compatibility tracker (for granular status per module, page and function):

Feature Matrix:

Module Compatibility Tracker:

Early Access vs General Availability

The below outlines which areas have reached General Availability and which are currently still in Early Access.

Hyvä Theme

  • Adobe Commerce
    • Early access (pre 1.0.0 version)
  • B2B
    • General availability (1.0.0 version released)
  • Adobe Sensei (Live Search & Product Recommendations)
    • General availability (1.0.0 version released)

Hyvä Checkout

  • Adobe Commerce
    • Early access (pre 1.0.0 version)
  • B2B
    • Early access (pre 1.0.0 version)


During Early Access our versioning will be slightly different from what you may be used to with the main Hyvä Theme (and accompanying Hyva_Theme module) to reflect the nature of modules that are not yet fully complete, or the many that have been fully or partially contributed by our partners, but need some level of refactoring to ensure consistency and at that they meet Hyvä standards.

To help you understand which modules are in what status we'll be using the following versioning:

  • 0.0.x (e.g., 0.0.1) will be used to denote modules that have not yet had any implementation started, and are just empty/skeleton modules that include the relevant code to ensure that they will fallback to the original Magento module
  • 0.x.x (e.g. 0.1.0) will be used to denote any module that has begun implementation but has key features missing and/or requires substantial refactoring* to bring up to Hyvä's standards
  • 1.x.x (e.g. 1.0.0) will be used to denote any module that has all key features implemented as does not require any substantial level of refactoring. At this stage all future versioning will follow that of our GA (General Availability) products, such as Hyvä Theme and Hyvä Checkout, where backwards incompatible changes are avoided as much as possible, and in the cases they cannot be avoided, will be supported by producing tools to provide a simple migration/upgrade path.

*What does substantial refactoring mean?

Areas we are looking to refactor include (but are not limited to):

  • Reducing duplication of HTML markup or JavaScript within .phtml template files, or entire files themselves (but only where it makes sense - often duplication is the right choice)
  • Simplying the approach used to reduce the amount of lines of code or/and make code more readable to make ongoing maintence much quicker/easier
  • Removing JavaScript implementation in favour of server side rendering wherever possible/suitable
  • Ensuring all similar page types/content are consistent (e.g. listing page grids and paginiation for B2B account area items)
  • Making substantial layout XML changes to standardise/reorganise a page (usually in relation to the consistency point above)

Denoting areas to refactor

In order to further aid your development and future upgradability decisions, we'll also be adding TODO comments to files we anticipate that we will make substantial changes to, denoting what is likely to change.

Most IDEs either have built-in support for finding TODO comments, such as PhpStorm, or offer extensions/plugins.

Metapackage versioning & general availability

Our 3 metapackages for Commerce, B2B and Sensei will also follow the above versioning (except 0.0.x as all 3 are underway already) and will remain in a 0.x.x state for the majority of Early Access, until all modules within a given metapackage reach 1.0.0 (or above). Therefore, once all modules, and then metapackages, reach version 1.0.0 (or above), this will indicate that Early Access has ended, and we will then enter General Availability.

Providing feedback & getting help

See our Overview page.