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Hyvä Enterprise is a stand-alone commercial product, currently available to Hyvä Themes licensees only.

A Hyvä Enterprise license can be purchased at

Please note that some areas are still in 'Early Access' (i.e. are not yet fully compatible).

What is Early Access? Can I join?

Early Access means not all areas of Hyvä Enterprise are fully completed (compatible) yet, but you can still get your hands on everything currently available and being worked on, with a license. Find out more on our Early Access page.

Hyvä Enterprise provides compatibility with Adobe Commerce, the B2B suite add-on and Adobe Sensei services (Live Search & Product Recommendations) for Hyvä Themes and Hyvä Checkout.

Hyvä Enterprise is sold as a single product (i.e. one license) via a yearly subscription, but is split into separate compatibility offerings for Hyvä Themes and Hyvä Checkout, each of which focus on 3 areas:

  • Adobe Commerce - all base Adobe Commerce functionality
  • B2B - all features from the B2B Suite
  • Adobe Sensei - Live Search and Product Recommendations

For more details, including pricing, subscription options and FAQs, see

Documentation status

The Hyvä Enterprise documentation is still being completed. Please check back frequently.
If you have any questions, please reach out in the #hyva-enterprise Slack channel.

Compatibility status

Please see our Early Access page for details.

Installation Guide

Please follow our installation guide.

Providing feedback & getting help

While the status of modules is managed via our Compatibility Tracker, bugs and feedback should be raised directly on the affected module or package in GitLab via the repositories 'Issues' section.

Merge Requests for bugs you've found (or enhancements) are also welcome, but should be accompanied by a linked issue (you may also need to request the relevant access in order to create a merge request).

For general help, guidance and assistance please reach out in the #hyva-enterprise Slack channel.

Getting started with development & contributions

Extending, customising and contributing to Hyvä Enterprise follows the same process and guidelines as working with Hyvä Themes compatibility modules. For more details, see our Compatibility Modules guide.

How can I contribute / get access to the repos?

Currently, the only way to access the repos in GitLab is by purchasing a Hyvä Enterprise license. While we are not actively looking for contributions, due to building this solution ourselves in-house, please reach out in the #hyva-enterprise Slack channel if you're interested in contributing features for some or all of a particular module.