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The Hyvä Checkout is a stand-alone commercial product, currently available to Hyvä Themes licensees only.

Hyvä Checkout is the prime checkout for Hyvä Themes. It features the best integration and customizability.
To get started, it can be used with selected store views only, while keeping other checkout solutions in place for other store views.

Documentation status

The Hyvä Checkout documentation is still being completed. Please check back frequently.
If you have any questions, please reach out on in Slack.


Please refer to the getting started section for installation and setup instructions.


  1. Unless you already are familiar with Magewire, we suggest you first read the Magewire Introduction,
  2. and then the Hyvä Checkout Developer Documentation.

Please post any questions to an appropriate channel of the Hyvä Slack.

Measuring success

If Hyvä Checkout is introduced to an existing shop, it can be useful to compare how it performs compared to an existing Luma based checkout.

Elgentos published a small open source module to do A/B testing: elgentos/magento2-hyva-checkout-ab-test.
It is quick to set up, but do consider a large data set is to get meaningful A/B test results.