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4. Working with Alpine.js

Hyvä 1.1.x uses Alpine.js v2

Hyvä 1.1.x is using Alpine.js version 2.
An update to version 3 is planned for a future update (that will be Hyvä version 1.2.x).

The Alpine documentation site was launched with the release of Alpine V3 features and therefore only contains documentation on version 3.

To visit the V2 docs please refer to the documentation on GitHub:


The best introduction we know is the readme linked above.
However, since tastes are different, here are some other resources to get started with Alpine.js:

General - A list of Alpine resources - A weekly Alpine focused newsletter

Learning - Some videos which are a great introduction to Alpine - Video series which goes under the hood to explain how Alpine works


Alpine Debugger for Chrome - Alpine Debugger for Firefox -


Alpine.js plugins are available for all IDEs and Editors.