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How to create a two-column onepage checkout

The steps to create a onepage checkout with a two-column layout are:

  1. Declare a new checkout in an etc/hyva_checkout.xml file in your theme or a custom module.
    Note the directory is etc/hyva_checkout.xml in a theme, too, NOT Hyva_Checkout/etc/hyva_checkout.xml as some expect.

  2. Declare a checkout with a name (for example client), a label, a layout (= 2columns), and a parent (= onepage).

  3. Flush the cache, and select the client checkout in the backend Hyvä Checkout configuration.

  4. Create a layout XML file hyva_checkout_client.xml (NOT hyva_checkout_client_onepage.xml)
    In the layout, move all components from the third column that is no longer present to one of the remaining columns.

This results in a onepage checkout with 2 columns containing all the components you require and no breadcrumbs.