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Working with arrays

Any time a user interacts with a component representing multiples of something, chances are those things are stored in an array.

Magewire provides a special syntax for working individual items within arrays. It even allows working with nested arrays.

For example, lets assume the following component with an array property:

class ArrayPropertyExample extends \Magewirephp\Magewire\Component
    public function $address = [
        'street' => 'Baggins Bvd. 2150',
        'city' => 'Hobbiton',
        'postcode' => '1',
        'country' => 'The Shire',

Binding to nested array keys

Targeting nested array keys is done using the dot notation:

<!-- The value will be 'Baggins Bvd. 2150' on initialization. -->
<input wire:model="address.street"/>
<!-- OR -->
<button wire:click="$set('address.street', 'Bag End')">Correct Street</button>

Array lifecycle hook methods

Lifecycle hook callback methods for nested properties are defined using camel case.
Continuing the above example, the matching method name would be updatedAddressStreet.

public function updatedAddressStreet(string $value): string
    return $value;