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The Hyvä Theme CSS File Directory Structure

In a Hyvä theme, the source CSS files are located in the directories web/tailwind/components and web/tailwind/theme/components.


This structure was originally chosen and over time the code developed and now no longer fits the folder names very well.

The structure has not been changed for backward compatibility. It might change in future to make the folder names better express their intended purpose. For example tailwind/theme/components might be renamed to tailwind/theme/page-layouts or something along those lines.

The tailwind/components directory is for reusable elements such as buttons, sliders, inputs.

The tailwind/theme/components directory is intended for larger components or pages, such as the category page, account pages, the header etc.

However, this convention is not followed consistently. For example tailwind/components also contains product-page.css and category-page.css.