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What are Hyvä Widgets?

Hyvä Widgets are a native Magento 2 way of giving users a simple and effective CMS framework to quickly prototype and create pages inside the familiar ecosystem, without any additional requirements or libraries.

They are a package of prebuilt widgets, that can be configured using fields for image uploading, wysiwyg, text, color pickers, sliders, dynamic listings of category products and more.

They can be placed in CMS pages directly as a widget, or can be placed inside of containers via Magento 2 admin layout functionality.

What problems do Hyvä Widgets solve?

PageBuilder like CMS extensions usually have dozens of dependencies and are very robust in their functionality, which can be viewed both a plus and a minus.
While they offer versatility to the end user, they also add unnecessary complexity for clients who just want to get in and do the necessary content change. Too much freedom has caused many carefully designed websites to look broken.
Hyvä Widgets aim to provide the right amount of restrictions on content creators to work within the design system of a website.

They can be used by developers as a set of tools to create custom content templates, to build custom layouts fast, all while using Hyvä Theme and Tailwind/Alpine technologies.

By using native Magento 2 technologies (Magento 2 Widgets) we are avoiding all the headaches of the custom page builders. Simplicity & delivery is the main problem they solve.

How do Hyvä Widgets accomplish their goal?

Hyvä widgets do this by:

  • Using native technologies deeply rooted into Magento 2
  • No additional dependencies except Hyvä theme.
    They work out of the box. All the libraries added for animations & sliders can be used or can be taken out and replaced with something else and is left at developers discretion and clients requirements.
  • Familiar interface, simplicity of double-clicking the widget and changing semantic fields that will be reflected on frontend.
  • Native TinyMCE Drag and Drop functionality.