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Checkout Emit Messages

When a customer is going through the checkout process, a number of messages are emitted.
Custom components can listen to them and re-render if needed.

Shipping Address emit messages

Shipping Address added

  • shipping_address_added
  • guest_shipping_address_added
  • customer_shipping_address_added

Shipping Address submitted

  • shipping_address_submitted
  • guest_shipping_address_submitted
  • customer_shipping_address_submitted

Shipping Address saved

  • shipping_address_saved
  • guest_shipping_address_saved
  • customer_shipping_address_saved

Shipping Address selected

  • shipping_address_activated

Billing Address emit messages

Billing Address added

  • billing_address_added
  • guest_billing_address_added
  • customer_billing_address_added

Billing Address submitted

  • billing_address_submitted
  • guest_billing_address_submitted
  • customer_billing_address_submitted

Billing Address saved

  • billing_address_saved
  • guest_billing_address_saved
  • customer_billing_address_saved

Billing Address selected

  • billing_address_activated

Coupon emit messages

  • coupon_code_applied
  • coupon_code_revoked

Payment Method emit messages

  • payment_method_selected

Shipping Method emit messages

  • shipping_method_selected