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Checkout Magento Events


This event is dispatched when a customer loads the checkout for the first time or when one of the following events is triggered and the customer revisits the checkout.

  • checkout_cart_save_after
  • checkout_quote_destroy
  • checkout_submit_all_after
  • customer_login

The class Hyva\Checkout\Observer\Frontend\HyvaCheckoutSessionReset can be used inside an etc/frontend/events.xml file in your module, when a checkout session reset needs to take place for a specific event.

hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}_init and hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}_{step_name}_init

These events are dispatched when the checkout step configuration is loaded for the first step in the checkout. If there is only a single step, the events are also dispatched.

They can be used to execute code on the first step for a specific checkout.

hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}_booted and hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}_{step_name}_booted

These events are dispatched on every step when the step configuration is loaded.

This can be used to execute code on every step of a specific checkout or checkout/step combination.

hyva_checkout_layout_process_before and hyva_checkout_layout_process_before_{handle}

Three events are dispatched when the step layout directives are processed:

  • hyva_checkout_layout_process_before_hyva_checkout
  • hyva_checkout_layout_process_before_hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}
  • hyva_checkout_layout_process_before_hyva_checkout_{checkout_name}_{step_name}

They can be used to load a layout handle conditionally in a specific checkout or checkout/step combination.
In the event payload, a page argument is passed with an instance of Magento\Framework\View\Result\Page.

Step-specific layout handles

Please note that step-specific layout handles can also be applied via checkout XML.