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What is the Hyvä UI Library?

Hyvä UI empowers you to streamline your Hyvä theme development with a collection of ready-to-use components. These components are designed to be easily copied and pasted into your theme, allowing for quick customization.

Free Access for Hyvä Theme License Holders

While Hyvä UI is a separate product, it's included free of charge for all Hyvä Theme license holders.

Beyond Simple UI Libraries

Unlike many UI libraries that offer just CSS and HTML, Hyvä UI goes a step further.

Our components are built with Hyvä in mind, utilizing functional .phtml files that include the necessary logic to seamlessly integrate with your Magento store.

This translates to components that are "alive" and functional upon placement within your theme, saving you development time.

Think of Hyvä UI as the Tailwind UI for Hyvä Themes, but with the added benefit of pre-built functionality.

Explore Hyvä UI in Action

Get a firsthand look at the capabilities of Hyvä UI by checking out our demo videos.