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What is the Hyvä UI Library?

Hyvä UI is a library with ready to use, copy-paste elements you can use in your Hyvä Theme.

The UI Library is currently being built and available to all Hyvä licensees. As the library matures, it will become a commercial product for which new Hyvä Licensees will need to acquire an additional license.

The Hyvä UI Library can very much be seen as the “TailwindUI” for Hyvä Themes. Instead of plain HTML templates though, we provide fully functional PHTML files with all the logic required to make the elements work on your Magento store, built with Hyvä.

The UI Library currently lives on our private gitlab -, available to all Hyvä developers.

In the future, as the product matures, it will be offered via an online gallery where you can view the elements in action and copy the code straight from the browser.