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Technical Vision

All Hyvä products are built with the purpose to lower dependencies to 3rd party libraries. We try to keep the technology stack limited to as few as possible.

Core Principles:

  • reduced complexity
  • improved performance
  • improved developer experience
  • improved development velocity
  • reduced dependencies
  • reduced learning curve


We leverage a lot of tools that come from the Laravel ecosystem. Laravel is a great example of a PHP ecosystem that is innovating and thriving in an incredible pace.

In particular, we’re currently using Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS to build a beautiful, fast and flexible frontend themes for Magento.

While we’re using a modern frontend-stack, there’s plenty left of the classic Magento frontend that will be familiar to anyone that has experience with Magento 2’s Luma/Blank themes.

We’re keeping everything we consider to be great (layout.xml), and got rid of the parts we would gladly live without (Knockout/Require/jQuery).


Hyvä is not revolutionary. Hyvä is not built to become a hype. One could say that Hyvä is the version of Luma we wished Magento had built. Or the frontend that Luma potentially could have become.

It is an alternative to PWA, for those that choose not to venture into the Javascript-only web.

We are not against PWA. But we’re also not super passionate about PWA. For us, it’s not the silver bullet to all e-commerce needs. We love the e-commerce and PHP ecosystems and don’t believe PWA should be the de facto standard for building online shops.

In our experience - and at the time of writing - PWA is not easy to implement. It requires a very high level of expertise, time and money to build a truly great online shop using any of the PWA solutions currently available on the market. This makes it less suitable for the gross of merchants a typical agency works for.

We are trying to close that gap, so that Magento remains the best solution for merchants of all sizes and agencies can stick with Magento and leverage their expertise on the platform using both Hyvä and PWA solutions where it best fits their clients needs.