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Hyvä Agency Partner Program

Our partner program changed January 2024. Our partner levels are now indicated from 'bronze' to 'platinum', where we previously had 'contributors' and 'agency partners'

You can find all our Agency Partners here: 👉

To understand and apply for the partner program, please read the sections below.

How it works

Our Point System

We can’t be grateful enough to our agency partners because they help maximize the value that Hyvä offers to merchants and contribute to our brand expansion.

Therefore, as an agency working with Hyvä, you receive points based on the various contributions you make to our growth. Those include but are not limited to the below, ranked by order of importance.:

  • Number of Hyvä Theme licenses bought (either directly or through your clients)
  • Number of Hyvä showcases that distinguish themselves for example based on performance, brand recognition, business metrics improvement or awards
  • Marketing contributions that help drive awareness, comprehension, consideration, adoption and advocacy of the Hyvä brand (events, presentations, webinars, high-quality articles and case studies, videos etc…)
  • Support contributions and eagerness to help the Hyvä Community on Slack.

As our brand reputation is also very important to us - especially on quality and website performance - we will include a metric on the proportion of your Hyvä clients who pass Core Web Vitals (both on desktop and mobile).

These points will then result in a partnership tier.

Hyvä Agencies Partnership Tiers

The higher the tier, the better you will be listed on our website. You will have the corresponding badge to feature on your agency’s assets online and offline, promote your Hyvä expertise and become a true Hyvä ambassador.

In addition to recognition, we will also offer more co-branding opportunities so that, together, we can increase our presence in specific markets.

We will also connect regularly with higher volume agencies to get feedback on their implementations and gather input on both our products but also our go-to-market approach and activities.

1. Bronze partners

  • Get listed on our suppliers page
  • Are welcomed as a partner on our social media
  • Get access to our Slack channel and Gitlab for support

2. Silver partners

3. Gold partners

  • Get all the benefits of Silver
  • Get the opportunity to present client cases and share booths with us at events
  • Get to produce content together once a year
  • Are invited to join our Gold Partner Slack channel
  • Are invited to specific feedback sessions

4. Platinum partners

  • Get all the benefits of Gold
  • Will be invited to personally meet with the Hyvä team once a year
  • Are invited to a dedicated Platinum Partner Slack channel with the Hyvä team where they can give direct feedback

Submission of licenses and contributions

At the time of writing, we gathered agencies’ data up until the end of January 2024. If you haven’t supplied us with your list of licenses and contributions, please complete this form and you will be added by the end of the quarter.

All agencies regardless of their Partner Tiers are still welcome to provide us with feedback. And tag us on social media when they publish their Hyvä Case studies, so we can support with likes, comments and repost.

FAQ: Can I get listed in multiple countries?

Answer: You can get listed in the country where you have an office.
Agencies can get listed in more than 1 country if they:

  • Have an actual office there
  • Have at least 3 employees there
  • Have clients in that country
  • Have a distinct company name in each country

You can then get listed as company name UK, company name NL for instance, so it's clear there's multiple branches and customers understand they're dealing with an international company.