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How does the partner program work?

The contribution and partner program are going to change in 2024. Stay tuned for more information!

We have a couple of ways to present collaboration between you and Hyvä Themes

Suppliers page


As soon as you’ve completed your evaluation period and decided to continue working with Hyvä (meaning the 30-day money-back period expired) and you’re starting building a project with Hyvä - or started contributing to Hyvä - you are eligible to be listed on our Suppliers Page.

Please email us to be listed. We will send you a badge to display on your website footer.

Contributors Page


As soon as you start contributing to either our main product or 3rd party modules, you can apply to get listed as a contributor on our Contributors Page.

As a contributor, you'll also get listed with a silver star on the Suppliers page mentioned above.

Official Hyvä Partner


As soon as you’ve established yourself as a collaborator to Hyvä - by adding value to our growth and development - you can become an "Official Partner".

That means being listed on our Partner Page with logo and description, and a gold star listing on the Suppliers Page.

Partners are investing in Hyvä long term, by continuously adding value in contributions, support other members on Slack, add documentation, online outreach (presentations, social media, blog posts, etc).

We don't work with compensations, membership costs or kickback fees of any sorts.

It's a collaboration that is mutually beneficial and aimed at a long term relationship. And, together, we intend to create a future for the Magento monolith after Adobe deprecates it.

If those things align with you and your future plans with Magento/Hyvä, then we are extremely glad to welcome you on board as a partner.

Main Partner

Unfortunately, there’s only one spot for Main Partner, and that one is proudly taken by integer_net, who helped build Hyvä from the early beginnings and without whom Hyvä would not be what it is today.