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Rendering an element depending on another attribute value

Code speaks more than a thousand words, so here is an example of how to conditionally remove a field if a given country is selected.


namespace Hyva\Example\Model\FormModifier;

use Hyva\Checkout\Model\Form\EntityFormInterface;
use Hyva\Checkout\Model\Form\EntityFormModifierInterface;

class MyCustomFieldFormModifier implements EntityFormModifierInterface
    public function apply(EntityFormInterface $form): EntityFormInterface
            [$this, 'initMyFormField']

        return $form;

    public function initMyFormField(EntityFormInterface $form)
        $country = $form->getField('country_id')->getValue();
        $myField = $form->getField('my_field');
        if ($country === 'DE' && $myField) {

It is also possible to add a field conditionally.
For example:

$myField = $form->createField('my_field', 'text');
$myField->addData(['label' => 'Foo']);


Here is an example of a select field:

$mySelect = $form->createField('my_select', 'select');
    'label' => 'Bar',
    'required' => 1,
    'options' => ['' => 'Please Choose', '0' => 'No',  '1' => 'Yes']

Please note that the value of dynamically added fields will not be saved on the entity out-of-the-box. The persistence of such values needs to be implemented on a case by case basis.