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Community Checkout Extensions

Our community is always active. Even at checkout, excellent and particularly helpful checkout extensions springing up like daisies. It is crucial for us to provide a space where these extensions can be shared.

Extensions can be made public in two ways:

  1. One through our Friend Of Hyva Github account, where we can create a repository upon request and grant access. After creating an initial tag, we will also perform a Packagist registration.
  2. Through a personal or company Github or Gitlab account, where the responsibility lies mainly with the developer or agency.

Missing an extension?

If you have built a module yourself, or you're missing a module that belongs in this list, please create a pull request for it.

Payment & Shipping integrations

The list shown below is intended only for non-payment and shipping modules. Both have their own overview.


Friends of Hyvä





Hyvä is not responsible for the results or maintenance of the above modules. We always strive to support community-driven modules as much as possible in terms of security, quality, and best practices. If adjustments are needed, please contact the relevant agency or developer.