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Copyright Annotations

Sometimes the question comes up, what copyright notice to use when creating a compatibility module?

Similar code

When a file is very similar to one found in one of the Hyvä core, retain the Hyvä copyright notice:

 * Hyvä Themes -
 * Copyright © Hyvä Themes 2020-present. All rights reserved.
 * See

Unique code

If the file content is not a copy, but rather created from scratch and contains mostly unique code, feel free to use either the Hyvä copyright notice, or your own one.

In that case please add a line that allows the code to be used with Hyvä installations.


 * Example Company -
 * Copyright © Example Company 2020-present. All rights reserved.
 * This code may be used in conjunction with the module example-company/original-module 
 * See

Feel free to modify the above example as appropriate.