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Skeleton Compatibility Modules

(Please see the step by step overview below regarding how to get a skeleton compatibility module.)

There are several areas you can contribute to:

  • Compatibility Modules (commercial Hyvä license required for access on
  • Hvvä Themes (commercial Hyvä license required)
  • Hyvä React Checkout (open-source license, free on
  • Hyvä Admin (open-source license, free on

This text focuses on contributing to Compatibility Modules.

The open-source projects follow the usual contribution process on GitHub and are not covered in this document.

The Hyvä core contribution process is described in the Hyvä contribution guidelines.

Please note, in the following, GitLab refers to

If you feel lost during any of the following steps, please ask for help in Slack. We are happy to help you!

Step by step overview over the compatibility module contribution process:

  1. If you want to contribute a new Compatibility Module, let the Hyvä team member know, so they can create a repository with a skeleton compatibility module in the Hyvä Compat group on gitlab for you.

    You will receive a link to the new repository when it is ready (usually within a few minutes).

    You will have write privileges to the new compatibility module repository.

  2. If there is no ticket for the original module in the Compatibility Module Tracker, please create a new issue using the “Module Request” issue template, and let the Hyvä team know, so they can add the “In Progress” label.

  3. Now you probably will want to clone the repository to your development environment.

  4. Create a git branch in your working copy to contain the changes.

  5. Now, finally, you get to work on the code!

  6. Commit your changes. Go to step 5 and repeat until done.

  7. Push the changes to a new branch on GitLab and create a merge request.

  8. Since you are assigned as the maintainer, feel free to merge your feature branch directly into main when it is ready. If you would like to have someone look over the code, please request a code review from within your team, or from the Hyvä team (on Slack), but that is not required for compatibility modules.

  9. When the compatibility module is done, please add a 1.0.0 tag so it can be installed via
    Please also notify the Hyvä team so they can change the label for the module in the Compat Module Tracker to “Published”.