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Naming Conventions

Magento Module:

The module name consists of the Hyva namespace and the concatenation of the original module namespace and module name.

For example:

  • Original: Smile_ElasticSuite
  • Compat Module: Hyva_SmileElasticSuite

Composer Package:

The composer vendor name is hyva-themes.

The full package name is hyva-themes/magento2-<original-module>.

For example:

  • Original: smile/magento-elasticsuite
  • Compat Module: hyva-themes/magento2-smile-elasticsuite

Folder Structure:

Hyvä modules and compatibility modules use the following folder structure and minimal set of files:

├── composer.json
└── src
    ├── etc
    │   ├── frontend
    │   │   └── di.xml
    │   └── module.xml
    └── registration.php

3 directories, 6 files

Any tests go into a tests/ directory on the same level as src/.

The basic folder structure including the and files are already present in new Compatibility Module repositories.

The file is a copy of the Hyvä Themes Software User License and must not be changed.

The file contains basic information about the original module. You can add any additional information that might be required for the Compatibility Module to work.