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Customizing Modal Event Listeners

it is possible to customize click and keydown event listener callbacks for modals.

Available since 1.1.13

In older releases of Hyva_Theme the callbacks where not exposed globally and could not be customized without overriding the page/js/modal.phtml Hyva_Theme template.
If you are using an older version, be sure to upgrade the theme module.

At the time of writing, the two callbacks are globally available as

  • window.hyva.modal.eventListeners.keydown

For example, to remove the modal click-away event listener, the following code can be used:


Wrapping the event listeners

This example wraps the keydown event in a way that it could also be further extended by other code:

(function () {
    // store reference to the original event subscriber function
    const originalListener = window.hyva.modal.eventListeners.keydown;
    // remove the original event subscriber
    document.removeEventListener('keydown', originalListener);
    // declare the new event subscriber function on the global window.hyva.modal.eventListeners object
    window.hyva.modal.eventListeners.keydown = event => {
        console.log('my wrapper', event);
        originalListener(event); // call original listener if needed
    // Activate the new event listener
    document.addEventListener('keydown', window.hyva.modal.eventListeners.keydown);

Accessing the current modal

Available since Hyvä 1.2.4 and 1.1.24

The method window.hyva.modal.peek() returns the current active modal instance, or false if there is none.

The returned object has several properties:

  name: 'the dialog name',
  instance: {the Alpine component object}, 
  focusTarget: DOM element to receive focus after hiding the dialog (or null),
  time: timestamp when the modal was shown, 
The name and the instance can be useful in some circumstances.
The time and the focusTarget properties are for internal state management only.