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Keyboard focus and accessibility

Hyvä modals handle keyboard focus and accessibility automatically as much as possible.

Focus shift when showing and hiding dialogs

When a modal is shown, the first focusable element is selected automatically. To specify a different element to be focussed, add the x-focus-first attribute.

<?= $modalViewModel->createModal()->withContent(<<<END_OF_CONTENT
<div class="mt-20 flex justify-between gap-2">
    <button @click="hide" type="button" class="btn">
    <button x-focus-first @click="alert('beep')" type="button" class="btn btn-primary">
        {$escaper->escapeHtml(__('I agree'))}

When the modal is hidden, the focus is moved back to the element that triggered the modal.
This also works when opening multiple nested dialogs.

Focus trapping

When a modal with a backdrop is shown, the website elements outside the modal dialog can no longer be focused with Tab / Shift-Tab.

This is accomplished adding the inert attribute to all outer sibling elements and their descendants.

Because browser support is not complete yet, the polyfill library (3.1kB) is included in Hyvä and loaded on pages where the hyva_modal layout handle is used.
The polyfill library is only loaded when a modal is opened.

For more details please refer to the inert polyfill github repo.

Once all browsers support the attribute the polyfill will be removed.