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CI/CD Hyvä Iinstallation

The app/etc/hyva-config.json file used during the compilation of a themes styles.css file is generated automatically after one of the commands

  • bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • bin/magento module:enable
  • bin/magento module:disable

However, due to technical limitations of the Magento installation process, the bin/magento setup:install command does not cause the hyva-config.json file to be created.

Because of this, if you run bin/magento setup:install while the Hyvä packages are already present, be sure to run the command bin/magento hyva:config:generate afterwards, before you generate the styles.css during the build.

This will usually be the case during CI/CD builds.

More information on the automatic tailwind.config.js merge process can be found at the "Module tailwind.config.js merging" documentation.