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Hyvä can be localized like any other Magento theme, that is, by adding a CSV translation dictionary in an i18n/ subfolder of your theme.

Since release 1.1.13, an i18n/en_US.csv dictionary file is distributed as part of the default Hyvä theme. It contains all strings that are part of Hyvä but not part of a native Magento installation.
The purpose of the "English-to-English" translation file is to serve as a base for custom translations into other languages.

Hyvä Localization Modules

We offer pre-made localizations for several languages that can be installed as Magento extensions.

They can be installed via composer using the package name in this list:

  • bg_BG: hyva-themes/i18n-bg-bg
  • ca_ES: hyva-themes/i18n-ca-es
  • de_DE: hyva-themes/i18n-de-de
  • es_ES: hyva-themes/i18n-es-es
  • fr_FR: hyva-themes/i18n-fr-fr
  • it_IT: hyva-themes/i18n-it-it
  • nl_BE: hyva-themes/i18n-nl-be
  • nl_DI: hyva-themes/i18n-nl-di
  • nl_NL: hyva-themes/i18n-nl-nl
  • pl_PL: hyva-themes/i18n-pl-pl
  • pt_BR: hyva-themes/i18n-pt-br
  • uk_UA: hyva-themes/i18n-uk-ua


To install a localization module, run the following commands, replacing the code in the package name with your desired locale.

For example, to install the Italian localization module, use:

composer require hyva-themes/i18n-it-it
bin/magento setup:upgrade

Be sure to also install a default Magento language pack for the target locale, and to configure the desired language for the store view in the system configuration.