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Customizable options on configurable cart items in the GraphQL cart

This page refers to the GraphQL Cart

Since release 1.1.15, Hyvä uses a cart page rendered by PHP by default.
This page refers only the GraphQL cart page.

Due to a bug in the core Magento GraphQL schema, customizable options are not available on configurable products in the cart.


Link to the issue in the Hyvä Gitlab:

How fix the problem:

Patching the schema

First you need to patch the bug in the core.

Managing core patches

There are a lot of tooling around maintaining patches for the Magento core.
We can recommend which in turn uses

In the file vendor/magento/module-configurable-product-graph-ql/etc/schema.graphqls the line 65 needs an additional ! after the [SelectedCustomizableOption]:

Original (wrong):

customizable_options: [SelectedCustomizableOption] @resolver(class: "Magento\\QuoteGraphQl\\Model\\Resolver\\CustomizableOptions")

New (fixed):

customizable_options: [SelectedCustomizableOption]! @resolver(class: "Magento\\QuoteGraphQl\\Model\\Resolver\\CustomizableOptions")

Extending the GraphQL query

Next the customizable_options need to be added to the GraphQL cart query.
This can be done either by rewriting the class \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Cart\GraphQlQueriesWithVariables, or with an event observer.


We recommend using the event observer approach as it is less prone to conflicts with other customizations.

This documentation has a dedicated page customizing GraphQL queries and mutations with more information.

Example using the event observer approach

This example assumes a custom module called Hyva_MagentoCoreFixes exists.

Configure an event observer

Add a file app/code/Hyva/MagentoCoreFixes/etc/frontend/events.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi=""
    <event name="hyva_graphql_render_before_cart_query">
        <observer name="magento_core_fix" instance="Hyva\MagentoCoreFixes\Observer\ConfigCustomizableProductsInCartQuery"/>

Add the observer class

Create the observer class app/code/Hyva/MagentoCoreFixes/Observer/ConfigCustomizableProductsInCartQuery.php

<?php declare(strict_types=1);

namespace Hyva\MagentoCoreFixes\Observer;

use Hyva\GraphqlViewModel\Model\GraphqlQueryEditor;
use Magento\Framework\Event\Observer as Event;
use Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface;

class ConfigCustomizableProductsInCartQuery implements ObserverInterface
     * @var GraphqlQueryEditor
    private $graphqlQueryEditor;

    public function __construct(GraphqlQueryEditor $graphqlQueryEditor)
        $this->graphqlQueryEditor = $graphqlQueryEditor;

    public function execute(Event $event)
        $queryString = $event->getData('gql_container')->getData('query');

        $queryString = $this->graphqlQueryEditor->addFieldIn(
            ['cart', 'items', '... on ConfigurableCartItem', 'customizable_options'],

        $queryString = $this->graphqlQueryEditor->addFieldIn(
            ['cart', 'items', '... on ConfigurableCartItem', 'customizable_options', 'values'],
            'label value'

        $queryString = $this->graphqlQueryEditor->addFieldIn(
            ['cart', 'items', '... on ConfigurableCartItem', 'customizable_options', 'values', 'price'],
            'value type'

        $event->getData('gql_container')->setData('query', $queryString);

Now add an event observers for the event hyva_graphql_render_before_customer_cart_query using customerCart instead of cart in the path arrays.

The first one is used for guest carts, the second one for logged in customers.

With the patch and the observers in place, the customizable options will also be available on configurable products.