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What are supported browsers?

At the time of writing, Hyvä supports the following browsers.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome v71
  • Edge V79
  • Safari 12.1
  • Firefox 69
  • Opera 58
  • Chrome for Android 116
  • Safari on iOS 14.5
  • Samsung Internet 10.1
  • Opera Mobile 73
  • Android Browser 116
  • Firefox for Android 116
  • QQ Browser 13.1
How are supported browsers determined?

We list the browser that support the browser APIs necessary for Alpine v3 and Tailwind v3.
Currently the most limiting factor is the availability of queueMicrotask.

Older versions of Safari on iOS

Please see the dedicated FAQ page on information how to extend the support to older versions of Safari on iOS.

Unsupported Browsers

  • IE - unsupported
    The Internet Explorer (also known as IE) was officially retired by Microsoft on 15. June 2022.
    Magento also dropped support for IE years ago with 2.4.0.
    Continuing to support comes with a significant cost, which is why we decided against it a long time ago.

  • Opera Mini - unsupported
    This is a browser primarily used on feature phones with processing done based on Opera 12.1 via Opera server and is used mostly as a dedicated client for specific websites.
    It is pretty much unusable as a generic browser anyway.