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Changelog - Theme Module

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


1.2.0-beta2 - 2022-10-22


  • Nothing added


  • Update Alpine v3 to 3.10.4

  • Guard against array to string conversion error if multipe attribute values can be specified

This is relevant for extensions like elasticsuite.

For more information, please refer to issue #1213.


  • Nothing removed

1.2.0-beta1 - 2022-10-16


  • Added Alpine v3 support

Alpine v3 was added in addition to Alpine v2. Backwards compatibility is preserved. Please refer to the upgrade documentation for details.

For more information please refer to Merge Request #83

  • Added ThemeLibrariesConfig view model

This class can be used to determine the version of Alpine that should be loaded for the current theme.

For more information please refer to Merge Request #83

  • Added require-alpine-v3 block class as extension point

Extensions may add a child block to require-alpine-v3 in layout XML using the module name as the child block name.
If a theme then loads the module using a Alpine v2 theme, a warning is displayed in the browser console.

For more information please refer to Merge Request #83


  • Nothing changed


  • Nothing removed

1.1.19 - 2022-10-22


  • Nothing added


  • Guard against array to string conversion error if multipe attribute values can be specified

This is relevant for extensions like elasticsuite.

For more information, please refer to issue #1213.


  • Nothing removed

1.1.18 - 2022-10-15


  • Add class constants for ReCaptcha form field identifiers

For more information, please refer to merge request #219.

Many thanks to Kiel Pykett (Youwe - formerly Fisheye) for the contribution!

  • Allow opening modal dialogs via event

Modal dialogs can now be opened by dispatching a JS event $dispatch('hyva-modal-show', {dialog: modalName})

For more information, please refer to merge request #241.

  • Add CurrentCategory::fetch() method to return either the current category if present or null

The existing method get() throws an exception if the current category is not set, forcing a check with exists() to be used. The new fetch() method makes it more convenient to do things like if ($cat = $currentCategory->fetch():.

For more information, please refer to issue #194.

  • Add useAnchorAttribute property to ProductList view model.

If set to true via includeChildCategoryProducts() and a single category ID filter of a anchor category is set, the return value will include all products assigned to child categories.

For more information please refer to merge request #237.

Many thanks to Daniel Galla (IMI) for the contribution!

  • Add backwards compatibility classes for view models introduced in Magento 2.4.5

In versions of Magento before the new view models exists, the new Hyvä classes provide the required functionality.
In versions of Magento where the new view models exist (>= 2.4.5), the Magento core functionality will be used.

The new view models added are: * Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Customer\Address\RegionProvider * Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Customer\CreateAccountButton * Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Customer\ForgotPasswordButton * Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Customer\LoginButton

For more information please refer to merge request #211.

  • Add new template variable $localeFormatter for backwards compatibility with Magento versions < 2.4.5

Since Magento 2.4.5 a new template variable $localeFormatter is available. Hyvä provides a version of the class for older versions of Magento for backwards compatibility.

For more information please refer to merge request #244.


  • Fix GraphQL schema incompatibility with 2.4.5 and GraphQL Cart

The issue occurred only in combination with the Hyvä GraphQL cart. Because of a backward incompatible change in the GraphQL schema in Magento 2.4.5 visiting the cart page only displayed the error Field "errors" of type "[CartItemError]" must have a sub selection., which is fixed now.

For more information, please refer to issue #204.

Many thanks to Wilfried Wolf ( for the contribution!

  • Automatically select text in first input field failing validation

This is an improvement to the advanced form validation library.

For more information, please refer to issue #207.

  • Improve canonical URL for review pagination

This is a great improvement for merchants who use customer reviews a lot.

For more information, please refer to issue #201.

Many Thanks to Dung La (JaJuMa) for the contribution!

  • Fix modal feature initiallyVisible

When $modal->initiallyVisible() is called on a modal view model instance, this now causes the modal to correctly be visible when the page loads.

For more information, please refer to merge request #241.

  • Avoid type error if no page layout is set on a category

On category pages, when the layout is not set, getPageLayout() will return null, which is incompatible with the return type string in strict mode.

For more information, please refer to merge request #238.

Many thanks to Paul Savlovschi (Novicell) for the contribution!

  • Fix ESI cache key generation for the menu block on product and category pages

This is an important performance improvement.

For more information, please refer to issue #206.

Many thanks to Lukas Jankauskas (Novicell) for the contribution!


  • Nothing removed

1.1.17 - 2022-08-16


  • Add Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Media view model

This class provides a method getMediaUrl() which returns the base URL to the media assets for the active store view.

Many thanks to Kiel Pykett (Fisheye) for the contribution!

  • Add .gitlab-ci file

Some tests and checks are now automatically executed in GitLab pipelines for new merge requests.
Currently some do not have to succeed (for example the code style check), but this will change at some point in the future.

  • Add JS string formatting function hyva.str()

The function is very similar to the already existing function hyva.strf, the only difference being that first positional argument to be replaced is %1 instead of %0.
This alternative function was introduced because it matches the replacement behavior of the Magento PHP __() function and thus allows for better reuse of existing translation phrases.

For more information please refer to merge request #225.

  • Add hyva.getUenc() method and form submit event listener to document to replace the uenc url placeholder

In 1.1.17, the add-to-cart form of product list items uses a placeholder in the form action for the uenc value.
The uenc value is used to hold an encoded version of the current URL, so the visitor can be redirected back after
adding a product to the cart. This is now done client side with JS to avoid a block caching issue.

A new method hyva.getUenc was added to provide the properly encoded window location.

For more information please refer to issue #199.


  • Bugfix: Register the current product on the product review list page

For more information please refer to issue #183.

  • Bugfix: Avoid iOS 13 incompatible use of JS nullish assignment operator

For more information please refer to merge request #221.

Many thanks to Wahid Nory (Elgentos) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: Error during installation with Sample Data with Hyvä

The error happened when bin/magento setup:install was executed while the Hyvä and the Sample Data composer packages where present: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'db.catalog_category_product_index_store1_tmp' doesn't exist,

For more information please refer to issue #186.

  • Bugfix: Block PageBuilder previews in adminhtml

This fixes a bug introduced in 1.1.16 where the following error was shown as the preview:
Error filtering template: Invalid block type: Magento\Catalog\Block\ShortcutButtons\InCatalog.

For more information please refer to issue #190.

  • Bugfix: Removed cached data from localstorage after logout

Previously if a logged in customer entered a new address using the Luma checkout, this address would still be stored in the browser local storage after logout.

For more information please refer to issue #192.

Many thanks to Zach Nanninga (DEG Digital) for the detailed problem report and the suggested solution!


  • Nothing removed

1.1.16 - 2022-06-16


  • Nothing added


  • Fix Magento installation while theme-module is installed

This is a bugfix for the automatic app/etc/hyva-themes.json generation feature introduced in 1.1.15.
Now the file is not generated by bin/magento setup:install, only by setup:upgrade, module:enable and module:disable.
On the upside, installation does complete successfully.

For more information please refer to Issue #181.


  • Nothing removed

1.1.15 - 2022-06-13


  • Automatically change the theme type for virtual themes to "physical" if it is found in the filesystem

This is a workaround for a core bug.
More details can be found in the Issue #175.

  • Automatically update app/etc/hyva-config.json when a module is enabled/disabled

This happens when running bin/magento module:enable (or disable) and also when new modules are enabled while running bin/magento setup:upgrade. Now - in general - no more manual steps are required after installing a compatibility module.

More details can be found in the Merge Request #210.

  • Support for reCaptcha v2 "I'm not a robot" and v2 invisible

To support this, the ReCaptcha view model has received some new methods.
This now provides feature parity with Luma. The implementation was also improved to make it easier to implement custom captcha integrations.

More details can be found in the Merge Request #122 and in the default theme Merge Request #340.

Many thanks to Amanda Bradley (Youwe - formerly Fisheye) for the contribution!

  • Add feature to configure product list item processor view models in layout XML

This is used to modify the product list item cache key depending on the selected swatch attributes. Other uses like adding custom block data are possible, too. To use it, add a view model to the additional_item_renderer_processors block argument:

<referenceBlock name="product_list_item">
        <argument name="additional_item_renderer_processors" xsi:type="array">
            <item name="my_processor_name" xsi:type="object">My\Module\ViewModel\ClassName</item>
The view model then can implement a method that will be called for each item before it is rendered
public function beforeListItemToHtml(AbstractBlock $itemRendererBlock, Product $product): void

More details can be found in the Merge Request #211.


  • The ProductPage::format method now accepts a optional $includeContainer boolean parameter

This makes the method consistent with Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductPrice::format.

Many thanks to Simon Sprankel (CustomGento) for the contribution!

  • Fixed "compact" mode static content deploy

More details can be found in the Merge Request #122

Many thanks for Jeroen Boersma (Elgentos) for the contribution!

  • Improved advanced JS form validation

There were a number of cases the form validation library that was introduced in the previous release did not handle, like hidden fields, checkboxes and grouped fields. The library now is a lot more mature.

  • Fix PageBuilder attribute rendering in compare list

Product attributes edited with PageBuilder (like description) were rendered as escaped HTML. This is now corrected.

More details can be found in the Issue #174.

  • Register the Hyva_Theme module to be included in the tailwind purge config

Now the path to the theme module no longer needs to be manually specified in a modules tailwind.config.js purge path.

More information can be found in Issue #170.

  • The -f flag is no longer required when updating the hyva-config.json file

Now running the command bin/magento hyva:config:generate will overwrite an existing config file even without the -f or --force flag. The flag still is allowed for backward compatibility, but it has no effect.


  • Nothing

1.1.14 - 2022-04-29


  • Add JavaScript form validation library

This much requested feature adds an Alpine.js component for advanced form validation. It contains only a few validation rules out of the box, so it is lightweight, but it is simple to add custom rules. Many thanks to Michal Gałężewski (macopedia) for the contribution!

More information on how to use the form validation library can be found in the documentation.

  • Add CLI command to generate app/etc/hyva-themes.json

The new configuration file app/etc/hyva-themes.json contains a list of modules with tailwind config or tailwind css that should be merged when running npm run build-prod or one of the other build commands.
This feature allows compatibility modules to be register their templates and layout files in the Tailwind purge configuration, without requiring users to adjust a theme include path manually.

The command to generate the file is bin/magento hyva:config:generate. More information can be found in merge request #180.
Documentation will be published shortly, too.

  • Add view model to determine developer deploy mode

This new view model allows conditional logic to be written in templates based on if developer mode is enabled or not. <?php if ($viewModels->require(\Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\DeployMode::class)->isDeveloperMode()): ?>

  • Add view model to fetch the checkout configuration

This new view model allows building checkout related functionality in server side templates. $viewModels->require(\Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Cart\CheckoutConfig::class)->getSerializedCheckoutConfig()

  • Add JS helper hyva.replaceDomElement for Ajax page updates

The function takes a html string as uses it to replace a section of the current page specified by a targetSelector. This is useful for injecting Ajax responses containing rendered HTML into the current page.


  • Change modal backdrop default z-index to 50 to work with hyva-ui menus

Previously the hyva-ui menus where rendered above the modal overlay backdrop. This change now properly renders the overlay above the top menu.

  • Improve x-intersect Alpine.js v2 plugin

The upstream Apline.js plugin received some improvements with regard to reliability and a new margin option.
These changes are now included in the Alpine.js v2 backport bundled with Hyvä.

For more information see merge request #197.


  • Nothing

1.1.13 - 2022-04-12


  • Add Confirmation Modal Dialog

This is an extension of the modal dialogs.

More details can be found in merge request #178

  • Add method displayCartTaxWithGrandTotal to get tax config to cart totals view model

More details can be found in issue #156

  • Show unavailable shipping methods with error code on estimate shipping

This replicates the behavior on Luma more closely.

More details can be found in the default theme issue #292

  • Add method to render description excerpt for any product

Previously the method was only available for the current product on a PDP. The new method accepts any product instance.

More details can be found in issue #159


  • Fix incompatibility with type changes introduced in Magento Core

Fixed an inconsistency where types that were not present in the original method are introduced by this PR from Magento.

More details can be found in merge request #179

Big thanks to Mohamed Kaid (mokadev) for the contribution!

  • Remove argument types for compatibility with TaxJar

The TaxJar module does not follow the same typing as core Magento. By relaxing the type constraints this change allows the code to work with the TaxJar module.

More details can be found in issue #146

  • Fix form_key race condition on slow internet connections

On slow internet connections there was an issue where when the page is submitted before everything has loaded, then it returned “Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page.”.

More details can be found in issue #140

Big thanks to Luke Collymore (Develo Design) for finding the bug and providing the solution!

  • Use full locale to determine currency format

So far only the language was used to determine how to format the currency, but in some cases that is not enough, for example de_CH (Switzerland German) vs de_DE (Germany German).

More details can be found in the default theme issue #345

  • Product Sliders: allow filtering by category and sorting by position

This scenario is treated by Magento as a special case, so it needs to be handled as such in the slider container, too.

More details can be found in the default theme issue #354

  • Centralize product list item block rendering

Previously the logic to render a product list item was repeated in several templates. This requried updating multiple files with the same change, and caused inconsistencies in regards to caching.

More details can be found in issue #154

  • Fix product list price for wrong group ID

This fix is related to the previous item. Previously tax setting depending on the customer group ID where cached using the wrong cache ID, so the price for the customer group that happened to visit a list page first got shown to every group.

More details can be found in issue #155

  • PageBuilder: fix unable to findSVG icon "X" in admin preview

More details can be found in issue #157

Many thanks to Oli Jaufmann and Nguyen Miha (both from JaJuMa) for the contribution!

  • Configurable Product cart image not using Product Image Itself as per admin settings

Previously the setting Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Checkout -> Shopping Cart -> Configurable Product Image -> Product Image Itself had no effect.
This was originally due to the Magneto GraphQL API not providing the parent product image. This data has been added to the GraphQL API in release 2.4.3, so now Hyvä supports showing the configurable product image, too if newer Magento versions.

More details can be found in the default theme issue #326

Big thank you to Lucas van Staden (ProxyBlue) for the contribution!

  • Allow manipulating modal event subscriber functions

More information can be found in the issue #160


  • Remove Magento_SendFriend dependency, so it can be removed if not needed

Without this change static-content:deploy failed if Magento_SendFriend was removed.

More details can be found in the default theme merge request #287

Many thanks to Peter Jaap Blaakmeer (Elgentos) for the contribution!

1.1.12 - 2022-02-07


  • Nothing


  • Bugfix: error after removing last product from cart

After deleting the last product from the shopping cart, a red warning message "Internal server error" was shown. This bug was reported as fixed in the previous release, but in fact was not fixed in all cases.

More information can be found in issue #129

  • Bugfix: include attributes argument in SvgIcons cache key

Previously, when the $arguments parameter value was changed, the previously rendered SVG was returned.

More information can be found in Merge Request #172


  • Nothing

1.1.11 - 2022-01-28


  • Nothing


  • Bugfix: error after removing last product from cart

After deleting the last product from the shopping cart, a red warning message "Internal server error" was shown.

More information can be found in issue #129

  • Allow non-Hyvä SVG icon sets to be used with SvgIcons view model

Previously the entire SvgIcons class needed to be overridden because of a hardcoded value. Now the value can be set in di.xml through virtual types.

Many thanks to Timon de Groot (Mooore) for the contribution!

More information can be found in Merge Request #147

  • Update HeroIcons method annotations

The @method annotations on the interface no longer matched the backing implementation in SvgIcons::renderHtml.

More information can be found in issue #128


  • Nothing

1.1.10 - 2022-01-14


  • Alpine.js x-intersect plugin

This is a 'forward-compatible' backport of x-intersect from Alpine V3. It will help make the transition to Alpine v3 smoother. More info about the Alpine.js intersect plugin can be found at

  • Allow excluding elements from the focus trapping in modals

When a modal with a backdrop is shown, the website elements outside the modal dialog can no longer be focused with Tab / Shift-Tab. Setting everything to inert has side effects for some use cases. Cookie consent is one of them. If you manage to open a modal any consent banner can't be used anymore even if it is in the foreground.

To exclude elements from focus trapping, use the excludeSelectorsFromFocusTrapping method with selectors. For example: $modalViewModel->createModal()->excludeSelectorsFromFocusTrapping('#cookie-consent', '[x-no-trap]')


  • Updated Apline from 2.7.0 to 2.8.2

This change is related to the new Alpine x-intersect plugin backport and will help the future upgrade to Alpine v3 will go smoother.

  • Fix PageBuilder breaking Alpine HTML element attributes.

More information can be found in issue #114

  • Allow modal renderer blocks to be mutated

This change allows setting data on the block to renders a modal template,
for example $modal->getContentRenderer()->assign('foo', $foo).

More information can be cound in the merge request #157

  • Bugfix: If set, use logo_file block argument to render logo like in Luma

This allows setting the logo in layout XML as documented in the devdocs.

More information can be found in the hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme issue #309.

  • Bugfix: fix tax rate labels in GraphQL response to make cart totals consistent

This is a bug fix for an inconsistency in the Magento core behavior.

More information can be found in issue #120.

  • Allow exclamation mark in PageBuilder CSS classes

More information can be found in issue #121

  • Bugfix: fix fetchPrivateContent failure when using BrowserSync proxy

More information can be found in issue #122


  • Nothing

1.1.9 - 2021-11-29


  • Add View Model to fetch lists of products from templates

The new view model Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductList can be used to fetch any type of product list inside a template, including related, upsell and crosssell products. It is used in hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme when rendering product sliders.

More information an be found in issue #84

  • Give access to a product image instance via the ProductPage view model

The new view model method getImage can be used to retrieve a product image instance without relying on the core abstract product block class. It is used for rendering product sliders.

  • Merge PageBuilder compatibility from compat module into theme-module

Previously PageBuilder support required using a compatibility module. Now that PageBuilder is included with Magento Open Source, it makes sense to support it out-of-the-box in Hyvä Themes. The PageBuilder compatibility module still is maintained for backward compatibility.

More information an be found in issue #68

Many thanks to John Hughes (Fisheye) for the contribution!

  • Allow setting additional HTML attributes on SVG icons

In Hyva a lot of additional attributes are used on element. For example, the Alpine.js :class binding is used is very often, but can't be set on an SVG icon at this moment. With this change an optional array $attributes argument is added to the method signature.

More information an be found in merge request #123

Many thanks to Arjen Miedema (Elgentos) for the contribution!

  • Add ViewModel to provide access to product stock information

To render the appropriate product qty form some stock item information is required, for example the minimum order quantity, or if decimal quantities are allowed or not.

The new view model is used in the theme when rendering the product add-to-cart form.

More information can be found in the merge request #130

  • Add method to fetch catalog/seo/product_use_categories system config value

This change to the ProductPage view model is required to fix a product listing page caching issue in hyva-themes/magento-default-theme.

More information can be found in the merge request #134

  • Add method to retrieve a blocks cache tags from a view model

This new method on the BlockCache view model is helpful because Hyvä often uses generic template blocks instead of specific block classes. For this to work well with the block_html cache group, the cache_tags property has to be set within templates.

More information can be found in the merge request #135

  • Preserve local only section data for Luma checkout compatibility

More information an be found in issue #99

  • Add ViewModelRegistry return type hint based on class argument

This change allows using $viewModels->require($className) without a PHPDoc type hint for the return value using PHPStorms new generics annotation.

More information can be found in the merge request #140

Many thanks to Thijs de Witt (Trinos) for the contribution!


  • Bugfix: Improve LogoPathResolver so it works with Magento 2.4.3 and newer

The LogoPathResolver also continues to work with Magento versions 2.4.0 - 2.4.2.

More information an be found in issue #82

  • Bugfix: Allow using multiple slider instances with the same template on one page

Previously the generated block name was determined by the slider template. Now uniqid is used to generate the block names.

More information an be found in issue #78

  • Allow items for sliders rendered with PHP to be collections

Previously the items had to be an array, now they can be any iterable.

  • Improve Tailwind CSS class name validation regex for PageBuilder

Now /, (, ), %, , and digits are also allowed enabling classes such as w-1/2, grid-[repeat(3,33%)]

  • Bugfix: fix converting camelCase to kebab-case for SVG icons with digits

Previously: menuAlt2 -> menu-alt2 Now (fixed): menuAlt2 -> menu-alt-2

More information an be found in issue #87

Many thanks to Thijs de Witt (Trinos) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: resolve ProductPrice being cached if multiple products use ProductPrice

More information an be found in issue #88

Many thanks to Wahid Nory (Elgentos) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: use GraphQL variables instead ot JS string templates for all queries and mutations

This resolves a number of bugs related to escaping and serialization of query parameters, and also allows editing the queries with the GraphQL query editor as described in the docs.

More information can be found in the merge request #127 and the related default theme MR.

  • Bugfix: Fix constructor integrity check for preference in Magento > 2.4.1

The error Extra parameters passed to parent construct occurred when running setup:di:compile on Magento 2.4.2 or newer.

More information an be found in issue #85

  • Allow product-compare system.xml settings to be set on store scope

These compare product system config settings are not part of stock Magento.

More information can be found in the merge request #131

Many thanks to Timon de Groot (Mooore) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: Do not render double slash when using SVG icons with no svg iconset

More information can be found in issue #93

  • Remove amount of cache tags for large top menus

With Varnish, the top menu is requested using ESI. In that case the cache tags for each category in the menu where included in a HTTP response header, which could lead to the header size limit being exceeded.
This change replaces the top menu cache tags with a single hyva_nav cache tag if more than 200 cache tags would be included in the response.

More information can be found in issue #63

  • Bugfix: Do not assume very block inherits from AbstractBlock

This change fixes an issue on Magento Cloud in production mode, where a block instance implement BlockInterface without inheriting from AbstractBlock.

More information can be found in the merge request #137

  • Bugfix: Handle modal content exceeding screen height

More information can be found in issue #96

  • Allow modals to be opened from within modals without nesting in the DOM

Also, allows access to values set on the modal block via layout XML by making the modal instance method getContentRender public.

More information can be found in issue #86

  • Set default SVG icon dimensions to 24x24

Previously icons rendered without a width and a height did not render those attributes on the SVG image.
With this change, the width and height default to 24. This allows rendering icons
using <?= $heroicons->heartHtml($cssClasses) ?>, instead of always
using <?= $heroicons->heartHtml($cssClasses, 24, 24) ?>. The previous behavior can still be achieved by explicitly passing null as the $width and $height parameters.

More information can be found in issue #81

  • Make recently viewed products configurable in the system config

A couple of new system config fields have been added to allow configuring recently viewed products without having to manually set up widget instances. The new fields can be found at Stores > Config > Catalog > Frontend.
The configured values can be accessed using the new view model RecentlyViewedProducts.

More information can be found in issue #107

  • Magento Coding Standard compliance

Many small changes where made to make the code pass the Magento Coding Standards phpcs rules.

More information can be found in the merge request #150

  • **Bugfix: fix return value of ProductCompare::showCompareSidebar

The method \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductCompare::showCompareSidebar now returns the value from the correct system config setting catalog/frontend/show_sidebar_in_list. Previously it returned the value from the system config setting frontend/show_add_to_compare_in_list.
The method isn't used in the default theme, so the bug didn't surface until now. If you used the showCompareSidebar method in custom code and need the previous value, you need to refactor your code to use \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductCompare::showInProductList instead.


  • Nothing

1.1.8 - 2021-09-24


  • Add ViewModel for SendFriend

The new view model \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\SendFriend supports getting the requested product and product image for the send-to-friend feature. Thank you Lucas an Staden @ ProxiBlue (@Realproxiblue) for the contribution!

  • Add Supporting code for Search Autocomplete

The QuoteGraphql cart item customizable option query resolver now provides file values via \Hyva\Theme\Model\CartItem\DataProvider\CustomizableOptionValue\File.
The new view model \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Search provides access to the relevant configuration settings and proxies method calls through to the Magento native helpers.

Thank you to faran cheema @ Aware Digital (@faran) for the contribution!

  • Add getRecentlyViewedLifeTime method to ProductPage view model

This method provides the configured lifetime for the recently viewed products list.

Thank you to Graham Catterall @ Aware Digital (@grazima) for the contribution!

  • Add getRegisterUrl method to CustomerRegistration view model

This method provides the URL to the customer registration page.

Thank you to Rouven Rieker @ Semaio (@therouv) for the contribution!

  • Add shipping information to CartGraphqlQueries view model

This information is used by the estimate shipping feature.

-Add logo size and path resolver view models

This change provides forward compatibility for Magento versions before 2.4.3 where the view models where added to the core.


  • Bugfix: Fix menu navigation when no category exists

This change is backward compatible. Check the commit ed4db0 for more information.

Thank you to Thibaut Faucher @ Magentizy (@tfaucher) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: Collect cache tags for nested blocks that are cached in both the FPC ESI and BLOCK_HTML cache

This backward compatible change fixes a bug introduced by the splitting of the mobile and desktop menu in the default-theme.

  • Remove double slash from URL when loading section data

This change is backward compatible.

Thank you to Thomas Hauschild @ Ulferts Prygoda (@thomas.hauschild) for the contribution!

  • Bugfix: Cast price value is cast to a float when custom product types return null price

This change is backward compatible.

  • Bugfix: Fix issues with old Safari browser

Details on backward compatible change can be found in the issue #75

Thank you to Guus Portegies @ Cees en Co (@gjportegies) and Ryan Copeland (@ryan-copeland) for investigating!

  • Bugfix: Load hyva_ prefix layout handles for layout handles added with

Implementation details can be found in the merge request #112

Thank you to Michał Biarda @ ORBA (@michal.biarda) for the contribution!


  • Remove the stock_status field from the CartGraphqlQueries view model

The change makes the cart page work on instances without MSI.
The field is only available if MSI is active and since it is currently not used by hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme and was only added preemptively, it was decided that it is best to remove it.

1.1.7 - 2021-08-25


  • Add cart data required for shipping and tax estimation to GraphQL cart query

This is a preparatory change for shipping estimation support that will be part of the next release.

The changelog updates for the previous release where missing and are now included below.


  • Bugfix: Render modal overlay above store-switcher

See this commit

  • Bugfix: Use product short description if present

The change introduced in the previous release 1.1.6 contained a bug that is now fixed.

  • Bugfix: Remove PageBuilder style tag content from product description excerpt

The strip_tags command keeps styles as part of the return value, which is not intended. This is particularly relevant in combination with PageBuilder.

See fix commit


  • nothing

1.1.6 - 2021-08-12


  • ViewModel CurrentProduct::loop() now collects cache tags The method \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\CurrentProduct::loop now collects cache tags from loaded products so that a collection of products is used to iterate over list-items now adds cache tags to the block that loops through the products.

  • Store section_data_ids in cookie This is needed for Luma fallback, so that all sections are refreshed when Luma wants to reload all sections.

Without it, it will clear all sectionData from localStorage and not reload all sections previously available.

See commit 840dde14

  • Add samesite:lax to cookies

Cookies stored from the frontend now include the samesite setting.

See commit bacc30c0

  • The directory web/tailwind is now excluded from deployments

Since all files in web/tailwind are not needed in pub/static, these should be excluded from deployment. Otherwise, also all files in node_modules are copied over to pub/static/frontend. On the default Hyvä Theme, this reduces the amount of files to deploy from 13k to 3k and deployment time roughly in half.

See commit 383df942

  • PageConfig ViewModel

We've added a ViewModel that enables you to pull in PageConfig data, such as the current page's layout.

Implemented methods are \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\PageConfig::getPageLayout() and \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\PageConfig::getPageConfig()

See src/ViewModel/PageConfig.php

  • Resolved an error in CartItemsResolverPlugin if a cartItem contained an error

Magento adds cartItem errors as a false item to the cartitem results. This caused an error in the CartItemsResolverPlugin (src/Plugin/QuoteGraphQL/CartItemsResolverPlugin.php)

See commit bbefc0e8

  • The GraphQl CartItemInterface now contains errors per cartItem

The CartItemInterface now returns error for each cartItem.

See commit bbefc0e8

  • The GraphQl CartItemInterface now contains stock_status per cartItem

The CartItemInterface now returns stock_status for each cartItem.

See commit bbefc0e8

  • Generic Modal dialogs

We now have robust support for Modals, including support for accessibility like focus traps.

See \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\Modal or Merge Request !91

Instructions on how to use the new Modals are added to the documentation (look for "Modal dialogs").


  • Method in \Hyva\Theme\Service\Navigation changed to public

The methods \Hyva\Theme\Service\Navigation::getCategoryAsArray and \Hyva\Theme\Service\Navigation::getCategoryTree are now public to enable plugins.

See commit 5eb555bd

Thanks to Kiel Pykett (Fisheye) for contributing

  • stripTags and excerpt are now optional for ProductPage::getShortDescription()

The method \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductPage::getShortDescription now accepts the optional boolean parameters$excerpt and $stripTags, both defaulting to true

This is a non-breaking change.

See commit dc858cdf


  • none

1.1.5 - 2021-06-17


  • none


  • A bugfix for the ViewModelCacheTags class that expected at least one view model on a page to implement the IdentityInterface.
    This situation could happen on customized Hyvä based themes. This fix removes this requirement, so no error is thrown any more.


  • none

1.1.4 - 2021-06-16


  • ViewModel Cache Tags

ViewModels can now contain cache tags which are added to the block that renders output from that ViewModel. This enables you to, for example, render menu-items in any block and add the cache tags of the menu items to that block.

This requires you to add a getIdentities method to the ViewModel you use to load in identities with.

See commit cd8c38bb

  • Cookie Consent now prevents cookies from being stored until accepted

It is now possible to prevent the theme to store cookies in the browser if the client doesn't give consent and the Magento 2 cookie restriction feature is enabled.

The cookies are stored in a temp js object window.cookie_temp_storage and only if the user already gave the consent (information stored in user_allowed_save_cookie cookie) or after an explicit confirmation (the banner of hyva-themes/magento2-default-theme/Magento_Cookie/templates/notices.phtml), they will be saved.

There is also a config to save necessary cookies that don't require confirmation (the e-commerce without these cookies cannot work, eg: form_key), stored in the window.cookie_consent_configuration object.

In this object is also possible to add different categories to the cookie that requires different logic to be handled; the variable cookie_consent needs to be properly set for this. Cookies not declared in the cookie_consent_configuration are saved only after the confirmation.

See commit a19f65d4

Thanks to Mirko Cesaro (Bitbull) for contributing

  • ProductPage ViewModel now has productAttributeHtml() method

This method parses template tags (directives) for attributes so that attributes like description now render store variables and other {{directives}}

See src/ViewModel/ProductPage.php

Thanks to Vincent MARMIESSE (PH2M) for contributing

  • Cart GraphQl queries now contain available shipping methods

Added available methods with and without vat Added method_code to allow matching

See src/ViewModel/Cart/GraphQlQueries.php

Thanks to Alexander Menk (imi) for contributing.

  • Added EmailToFriend viewModel loading configuration values for SendFriend functionality

See src/ViewModel/EmailToFriend.php

  • Added format method to ProductPrice view model

When calling $priceViewModel->currency($amount), the amount is treated as the base currency and converted to the current currency before being formatted.

If $amount already is in the store view currency, this leads to double conversions.

Now, the pricecurrency format() method is exposed through the view model.

See src/ViewModel/ProductPrice.php

  • Add view model for easy use of generic slider

A new Slider View Model was added that allows you to create more generic sliders in conjection with a generic slider phtml file in Magento_Theme::elements/slider-php.phtml and Magento_Theme::elements/slider-gql.phtml

See src/ViewModel/Slider.php


  • none


  • none

1.1.3 - 2021-05-07


  • Fix: polyfill baseOldPrice in priceinfo for Magento versions < 2.4.2

Hyva Themes 1.1.2 depends on the baseOldPrice being set, but that property only was added in Magento 2.4.2. This Release adds compatibility for older Magento versions by polyfilling the price info baseOldPrice if it doesn't exist.


  • Deprecated \Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\ProductPrice::setProduct()

Pass the $product instance as an argument to price methods instead of using internal state. This improves reusability of templates regardless of the order they are rendered in. The method still is preserved for backward compatibility, but is no longer used by default Hyva theme.


  • none

1.1.2 - 2021-05-03


  • GQL support for customOption of file type

See src/Model/CartItem/DataProvider/CustomizableOptionValue/File.php, src/Plugin/QuoteGraphQL/CustomizableOptionPlugin.php

  • GQL added custom options for Virtual, Downloadable and Bundle to cart

See src/ViewModel/Cart/GraphQlQueries.php Configurables are not yet included due to a core-bug that will be fixed in 2.4.3:

  • customOptions viewModel that allows to override the pthml file for customOptions of dropdown/multiselect/radio/checkbox types.

By default, Magento renders select custom-options with a toHtml() method in \Magento\Catalog\Block\Product\View\Options\Type\Select\Multiple. This can now be replaced with a proper pthml file using this viewModel.

See src/ViewModel/CustomOption.php

  • ProductPrices viewModel that calculates product prices, tier prices and custom options on Product Detail pages.

See src/ViewModel/ProductPrice.php


  • none


  • none

1.1.1 - 2021-04-08


  • SwatchRenderer ViewModel

Used to determine wheter an attribute should render as swatch: isSwatchAttribute($attribute)

See src/ViewModel/SwatchRenderer.php


  • none


  • none

1.1.0 - 2021-04-02


  • Icon Directive {{icon}} to render SVG icons from PHTML files or CMS content

Icons can now be rendered with a directive: {{icon "heroicons/solid/shopping-cart" classes="w-6 h-6" width=12 height=12}}

See src/Model/Template/IconProcessor.php

Thanks to Helge Baier (integer_net) for contributing

  • Current Category Registry ViewModel

The current category can now be fetched with: $viewModels->require(\Hyva\Theme\ViewModel\CurrentCategory::class);

See src/ViewModel/CurrentCategory.php

Thanks to Gennaro Vietri (Bitbull) for contributing

  • Cart Items ViewModel that loads the items currently in cart

See src/ViewModel/Cart/Items.php

Thanks to Vincent MARMIESSE (PH2M) for contributing

  • Compare Products ViewModel that loads preferences for showing compared products in the sidebar. Additionally, product images are added to the compared product in customer section data.

See src/ViewModel/ProductCompare.php and src/Plugin/CompareCustomerData/AddImages.php

Thanks to Timon de Groot (Mooore)

  • Customer Registration ViewModel that loads isAllowed() for customer registration from config

See src/ViewModel/CustomerRegistration.php

Thanks to Barry vd. Heuvel (Fruitcake)

  • Currency ViewModel that retrieves current currency (and currency symbol) and currency-switcher url/postData

See src/ViewModel/Currency.php

  • ProductListItem ViewModel that retrieves formatted product prices in product lists

See src/ViewModel/ProductListItem.php

  • StoreSwitcher ViewModel that loads available groups/stores for the store/language switchers.

See src/ViewModel/StoreSwitcher.php

  • Built-With header added

We've added a x-built-with: Hyva Themes header to pages on the frontend that are rendered with Hyvä.


  • Customer Section data invalidation on store-switch. The JavaScript variable CURRENT_STORE_CODE is now added to src/view/frontend/templates/page/js/variables.phtml and checked against in src/view/frontend/templates/page/js/private-content.phtml to invalidate customer section-data when switching between stores.

Thanks to Gennaro Vietri (Bitbull) for contributing

  • FormKey retrieval is now global under hyva.getFormKey()

Form Keys are no longer generated in src/view/frontend/templates/page/js/cookies.phtml (though still initialized from here).

hyva.getFormKey() can now be used globally instead of document.querySelector('input[name=form_key]').value. This will be refactored in the default theme in the future.

Thanks to Gennaro Vietri (Bitbull) for contributing

  • formatPrice() is now a global function hyva.getFormKey()

hyva.getFormKey() has been added to src/view/frontend/templates/page/js/hyva.phtml

  • SvgIcons are now cached per Theme

See src/ViewModel/SvgIcons.php

Thanks to Paul van der Meijs (RedKiwi) for contributing

  • CSP Whitelist added for Magento_Csp can now be enabled by default. Previously, the images on the homepage would throw console errors.

Thanks to Aad Mathijssen (Isaac) for requesting this

  • SVG files with preset width and height now work with SvgIcons

Previously, an error would be thrown:

Exception #0 (Exception): Warning: SimpleXMLElement::addAttribute(): Attribute already exists in /Dev/www/chlobo/vendor/hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module/src/ViewModel/SvgIcons.php on line 84

Thanks to Fabian Schmengler (integer_net) for contributing

  • The ProductInterface in GraphQL calls now contain visibility and status

We can now filter product-lists, loaded through GraphQL, by visibility code and status. This has been added because 'linked products' (upsells, cross-sells, upsells) are not filtered by visibility in store.


  • <script> tags no longer contain the defer attribute

Since these have no effect...

1.0.7 - 2021-02-15


  • Added readme
  • Added this changelog


  • Fix compare configuration path


  • none