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Upgrading to 1.2.9

Release 1.2.9 includes bug fixes and improvements.

When updating the Hyvä Theme to version 1.2.9, please note to always update the hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module to the latest version as well.

Even if not updating the Default Theme to 1.2.9, it should always be safe to update the Hyva_Theme module to the latest version (package hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module).

Backward incompatible changes

There are no backward compatibility breaking changes in release 1.2.9.

Manual changes

A bug was fixed that was introduced in release 1.2.8.
By moving tailwind classes from web/tailwind/components/customer.css into the layout XML container htmlClass attribute in Magento_Customer/layout/customer_account_login.xml, the layout was no longer schema compliant.
The class md:grid-cols-2 is not valid according to the layout XML schema in the core Magento framework View/Layout/etc/elements.xsd.
This release fixes the issue by reverting that change made in 1.2.8.
To resolve the issue in existing themes, the layout schema can be patched, as described in Styling Layout Containers, or the change to the layout XML file needs to be reverted, as it was in this release 1.2.9.


Changelogs are available from the in the codebase, or here:


Please refer to the Hyvä Theme upgrade docs for helpful information how to upgrade.

Known Issues

Please check the GitLab issue tracker for the default-theme and the theme-module for known issues.