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Upgrading to 1.1.14

When updating the Hyvä Theme to version 1.1.14, please note to always update the hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module to the latest version as well.

Even if not updating the Default Theme to 1.1.14, it should always be safe to update Hyva_Theme module to the latest version (package hyva-themes/magento2-theme-module).

The release 1.1.14 is a feature release without any backward compatibility breaking changes. Please refer to the changelog listed below for more information.

Manual updates

To be able to use tailwind config and css merging from modules in themes after upgrades, some manual steps are required.

  1. First, within your theme's web/tailwind directory, run the following command to install the required npm module.

    npm install @hyva-themes/hyva-modules

  2. Then, import the module in the themes tailwind.config.js file.

    const hyvaModules = require('@hyva-themes/hyva-modules');

  3. Wrap the value assigned to module.exports in a function call to hyvaModules.mergeTailwindConfig.

    module.exports = hyvaModules.mergeTailwindConfig({
        // theme tailwind config here ...

  4. Import the module in the themes postcss.config.js file.

    const { postcssImportHyvaModules } = require("@hyva-themes/hyva-modules");

  5. Add the postcssImportHyvaModules to the module.exports before the postcss-import plugin.

    const { postcssImportHyvaModules } = require("@hyva-themes/hyva-modules");
    module.exports = {
        plugins: [
            // other plugins

  6. Run the command bin/magento hyva:config:generate to generate the file hyva-themes.json

For more information please refer to the compatibility module documentation for tailwind config and tailwind css merging.

Noteworthy changes in external repositories

The node module providing the postcss plugin and tailwind config merge function can be found at


Changelogs are available from the in the codebase, or here:

Known Issues

  • None so far